Queer Arts Festival

Queer Arts Festival: June 17 – 28, 2019 QAF 2019 rEvolution

On June 28, 2019, we’ll be 50 years from Stonewall. On XXX day month year (do you know when?) we’ll be fifty long, slow revolutions of the earth around the sun since the partial decriminalization of sodomy in Canada (for some people, some of the time, in some places… ) In fifty years, so much has changed. For some people, some of the time, in some places.

Judith Halberstam, in The Queer Art of Failure, warns us to “suspect memorialization… a ‘ritual of power’ [that] selects for what is important (the histories of triumph), it reads a continuous narrative into one full of ruptures and contradictions.” How do we address the cognitive dissonance between these milestones and the sharp turn to the right in Ontario, Alberta, around the world? How do we live, here in the rupture between rainbow crosswalks and death threats?

Art sparked Stonewall: the queers who fought back that day were gathered to mourn the death of Judy Garland.  QAF rEvolution gathers together artists who push and transgress; engaging with our annals of struggle and erasure to revamp the artifacts of the past and turn them to our own ends: art as the evolution of the revolution.

SD Holman Artistic Director


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