Queer Arts Festival

The 2021 Queer Arts Festival

DISPERSED : It’s Not Easy Being Green 

July 24 – Aug 13 | 2021 | Highlights

QAF shows artists upcycling & recycling apocalyptic fear & dread into art & social change. Green symbolizes not only our relationship to each other & the lands we occupy, but also difference & marginalization, exemplified by popular culture green underdogs Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West & Rainbow Connection, Kermit the Frog. It’s not easy being Green, fighting for a world that consistently rejects us. With imminent climate catastrophe upon us, we witness the world grappling with the end times. When were Queers privy to life outside the apocalypse? Hate crimes in Canada targeting queers are 2 to 3 times more likely to be violent compared to other groups; we live each day with the knowledge that we could be vanished at any time.

Green is the complex terrain of extended kinship ties of Indigiqueer/two-spirit and queer settler elite’s. Green spectrals haunt the hyphened margins of the sub-altern; enduring perpetually frequent gaslighting(s) of post-traumatic settler-colonial and concurrent disorders. Together/apart WE endure our own private apocalyptics.  Cataclysmic temporal end-points that exist as seemingly fixed and an unavoidable global terminus – from which Indigiqueer/queer resurgence erupts relentless into the ongoing colonial.

Queer Arts Festival 2021 shows artists as see-ers/oracles/alchemists upcycling/rebranding/reclaiming/transgressing/transforming/visioning apocalyptic visionary towards queer utopic landscapes, tranforming fear, dread, a collective broken heart of forced dislocations with the departures and arrivals with art as transformative praxis and practice towards social and spiritual transformations.

QAF Dispersed It’s Not Easy Being Green  runs 3 weeks from your computer, our home base, the Sun Wah Centre in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, and Vancouver’s only cemetery- Mountain View Cemetery. Highlights include Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour and SD Holman’s visual arts curation; Studio (ob)Sessions, a digital discourse with Festival artists, and a Piano Burning where fire becomes a vehicle for reclamation and decolonization. 

When green is all there is to be It could make you wonder why, but why wonder?

— Kermit the Frog

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William Martin

Valerie Walker

Timothy Agg

Susan Wilds

Stephen Jamieson

Shaira Holman

Sandy Shimoda

Richard Lewis

Odette Hidalgo

Misty Greer

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Mary Kathleen Brookes

Marnie Conklin

Laura Begley

Kate Siegl

Karen Burtch

Jim Oulton

Jesse Lyda

Janet Chahwan

James Goodman

Graeme Boyd

Glenn Nuotio

George Landrecht

Gaelle Hobbs

Emily Simpson

Danalyn Broder

Catherine Yeung

Bradley Lang

Bill Siksay

Bart Dziarski

Ada Fung

Vikki Reynolds

Sylvia Machat

Ron Regan

Randy Gledhill

Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa

Martin Tugdual Frederic L’Anton

Lynn Ruscheinsky

Laura Mehes

Kelly Tweten

Esther Shannon

David Metzer

Brian Jones

Bruce Munro Wright

Myer Leach

Viewed as one of the top five queer arts and cultural festivals in the world.

Melbourne Herald Sun

Concise, brilliant, and moving.

Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight

On the forefront of aesthetic and cultural dialogue today.


Easily one of the best art exhibitions in Vancouver.

Vancouver Sun

Some of the most adventurous programming of any local festival.

Vancouver Province

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