ASL interpretation is available for most events.

To view Queer Arts Festival’s ASL interpreted events, click HERE

ASL interpretation can be arranged upon request for any other QAF events. Contact to submit an interpretation request. Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the event.

Financial Accessibility

Want to see a show but short on cash?

Concession ticket pricing doesn’t require proof-of-need—we know seniors and students aren’t the only folks who find regular ticket prices a barrier. If you need to pay less, choose the concession price. If you can pay general admission, please do—support the festival so we can continue to offer the concession pricing to all who need it.

Mobility / Physical Accessibility

The Queer Arts Festival takes place at the Roundhouse Community Centre at 181 Roundhouse Mews (Corner of Davie & Pacific) and The Sun Wah Centre at 268 Keefer St. in Vancouver. Click here for accessibility information about SUM Gallery.

The following accessibility information about Roundhouse Community Centre is available thanks to the Radical Access Mapping Project. See the full audit here.

Accessibility Ratings: FULL/SEMI/NON

Wheelchair/ Scooter User /Mobility Limited Accessibility: main space FULL, bathrooms FULL.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility: SEMI
Blind and Vision Limited Accessibility: SEMI
Scent Reduction/ Scent Free Accessibility: SEMI

Accessibilities Rating Key:

FULL: e.g. can freely access all publicly available spaces; scent policy in place and enforced; ASL, Braille, & other accommodations available at no charge to the individual; sliding scale available; etc.

SEMI: e.g. can access most/main activity spaces but not all public areas, some arrangements/changes required, some accommodations provided for deaf/HoH and blind/vision limited folks; adequate lighting for signing; limited scent policy; etc.

NON: e.g. can’t access main public areas; no scent policy in place; no asl, Braille or other accommodations; inadequate lighting for signing; no sliding scale; etc.

Please note that I conducted this audit while riding my Ranger Scooter, which measures 44” long X 25” at the widest X about 48” high with me in it. That may give you a better sense of space.

The Roundhouse is more than a community centre; it is an arts, dance, sports, educational community space that hosts a huge range of events, some one-offs, others ongoing. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Yaletown, The Roundhouse is also on accessible transit routes, and many accessible restaurants, parks, shops and other amenities, as well as being a bus ride from English Bay.

The entire space is wheelchair accessible, from the theatre, gymnasium, gallery, cafe, meeting rooms and more. There are ample outside spaces to sit in the sun with a book in between classes, often art hanging in the gallery space, and always something fun going on. It is an open-concept space, offering barrier-free access to all areas of the centre. There are three wheelchair-accessible washrooms. The main floor washroom is single-stall, gender-neutral, and spacious. The two upstairs are contained in gendered washrooms are smaller, but still can accommodate someone using a large motorized scooter. Staff are friendly and knowledgable and have experience assisting folks with a variety of needs.

Fragrance Policy

The Roundhouse does not currently have a scent-reduced policy, though specific events will have their own policies. Refer to these resources if you’d like to learn more about folks with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and creating safer environments:

Fragrance Free Femme Of Colour Realness, by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
On products you can use to reduce your use of scents