Staff and Board of Directors


Mark Takeshi McGregor
Artistic Director       
CS ‘Fergie’ Fergusson-Vaux
Associate Artistic Director
Ben Siegl
Assistant Curator
Tanya Commisso
Director of Communications

Tsolmon Baasan
Development & Outreach Coordinator

Tamara Lee
Arts Administrative Assistant
Alger Ji-Liang
Programs & Accessibility Coordinator

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QAF 2021 Closing Party: Staff and Board

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Board of Directors

Bruce Munro Wright, President
Bobbi Kozinuk, Treasurer
Valérie d. Walker, Secretary
Ladan Sahraei
Rodney Sharman
Orene Askew
Issaku Inami
Peggy Hua
Alan Woo

Advisory Board

Glenn Alteen
Rob Gloor
Karen Knights
David Pay
Bernard Sauvé
Coral Short
Paul Wong