Stealth Codes

Transgender Augmented Reality and Poems of Presence

Jun 14 – 25 | Augmented Reality | Roundhouse Community Centre | Free

STEALTH CODES is an exhibition featuring the works of Angelic Goldsky and queer community artists, crafted in collaborative workshop sessions merging poetry with augmented reality (AR). This exhibition explores digital transgender truth-telling, that is hidden in plain sight, while confronting the absence of queer transgender life affirmation online.

Through the use of AR, STEALTH CODES brings hidden queer signals and poetic expressions into sharp focus, challenging cisnormative perspectives. Inspired by texts like Lisa Blackman’s ‘Haunted Data’ and Donna J. Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto,’ the exhibition delves into themes of queer futurity, imaginative possibilities of queer and trans cyber-utopia, and hidden, yet deeply present, queer life online, through features like plane-tracking and body-tracking that reveal digital objects, poems and portals otherwise unseen.

The AR installations present both coded and uncoded expressions of queer and transgender existence and poems.

About Angelic Goldsky 
Photo: Tanaz Roudgar

Angelic Goldsky [t(he?)y] is a queer trans multi-disciplinary artist working at the crossroads of  spoken word, media art, music, and magic for transmuting complex trauma into rhythm, release, and ultimately, permanent liberation. Grounded in poetry and truth-telling, their work transcends discipline and medium, fostering exploration beyond binaries with playfulness and ritual. Formerly the Poet in Residence at the Roundhouse Community Centre (2021), they have performed and shared their cine-poems internationally and across Turtle Island alongside fellow clowns, members of the LGBTQ+ community, low femme priestesses, rabbis, and politicians.

STEALTH CODES is presented in partnership with the Roundhouse Community Centre.