Curators Tour

Jun 23 | 1pm | Visual Art Tour | Roundhouse Exhibition Hall | Free | ASL by request

ASL can be booked for this event.
Please email to arrange.

Flavourcel consists of 10 artists and animators originally brought together on the  Unceded Coast Salish territories that work collaboratively to make short-form experimental animations that entertain the contemporary narrative of what animation is and can be, including GIFs, music videos, installations, print media, and more. Flavourcel is heavily settled in collective decision-making structures and aims to keep the collaborative spirit at the core of what they do. In other words; democratizing resources and prioritizing voices that are not so often heard. Many members are institutionally-trained animators who felt that the path often laid out for many emerging animators exists in the following binary: to be an independent auteur making animations alone in your basement or to join the animation industry. Both of these routes are limiting in their own ways. Flavourcel feels that it is important to re-introduce play into animation; the act of making doesn’t have to be so serious or so solitary, it’s always better when you bring your friends along!