Calling all Volunteers!

Queer Arts Festival 2021 DISPERSED: it’s not easy being green is seeking volunteers. For our return to in-person events, we need a good team in our corner. So alert your friends and partners (partners in art, partners in crime, partners in ?)! We’re currently looking to fill shifts for our opening party, ArtParty! and our Curated Visual Art Exhibition. We promise drinks, food, music and good company in exchange for your time.

Volunteering with us will be a fun, rewarding and exciting way to meet new people in Vancouver’s art scene. If that isn’t enough, all volunteers will get a QAF t-shirt, event tickets, a QAF membership, an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party and a chance to win the coveted Queer as Fuck award at our Volunteer Appreciation Party on Aug 28, 2021.

If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer application or log-in using this link. Any questions can be directed to our Event Coordinator, Vince, at

COVID-19 safety guidelines will be in place.

ArtParty! (Opening Night):

Art Party Set-up

You’ll be helping us with any last minute ArtParty! preparations and will be able to see the artwork right before it’s shown to the public!

Some of the tasks may include decorating donation cans, setting up tables for our VIP party check in, sorting QAF passes, etc.

Food Server

You’ll be serving food (usually bite-sized snacks) on platters throughout the party and helping in the kitchen when needed.

You will also do regular rounds of the space, making sure any used cups, napkins or plates are recycled. Some light dish-washing might also be something you’re asked to do.


If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, this position is perfect for you! As a runner, you must be able to adapt to different jobs throughout the event. You could be helping out with food serving, bar serving, kitchen help, coat check, box office, a gallery host—really anywhere that could use some extra hands! You will be taking direction mainly from the Event Coordinator or any other Pride in Art Society staff member.

Bar Roles

Bar Server

Serving It Right (SIR) OR Special Event Server (SES) REQUIRED, please email your certificate.

Do you know your way around a bar? The bar is always a very popular social place at the festival and you’ll be part of the fun! Bartenders serve beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks; keep the fridge stocked; and accept drink tickets. Bartenders must be at least 19 years old. This is a position that offers lots of social contact—flirting opportunities abound. Quiet, enigmatic bartenders are also welcome.

Regular Roles throughout the Festival

Gallery Host

Gallery hosts have the important job of greeting visitors, monitoring attendance numbers, and keeping an eye out on the art work. There will be 3 exhibit rooms on the lower ground floor of the Sun Wah building that you and 2 other volunteers will be looking after. This is a great opportunity to talk to fellow art-lovers and represent the Queer Arts Festival with your passion! You will be provided fob keys to get guests into the restricted areas such as the exhibit rooms and washrooms. If still applicable, due to COVID-19, you will use a counter to keep track of how many people are on the lower ground floor to ensure that attendance isn’t over capacity.

If you love art, have a knack for connecting with others, and/or enjoy slower-paced jobs this is the volunteer opportunity for you. When things are slow, feel free to catch up on some reading.


Throughout the festival we will need someone near the front entrance of the Sun Wah building to let people inside. This person will sit or stand by the door to let people inside of the building. We will provide everything we can to make it more comfortable, such as providing chairs, snacks and water. Be sure to bring an extra sweater and a book to keep yourself busy during the lulls!


Throughout the festival we will need someone to stand in the foyer of the Sun Wah building to direct groups attending the Art Exhibition to the elevator. This is crucial because of restrictions on building capacity.

Box Office Assistant

You will be assisting the Box Office volunteer by helping guests out with any questions they may have about tickets, memberships, and/or merch. You will be assisting those who have comped (free) tickets (these people are the sponsors, media, volunteers, staff, queer & free program, and artists), people with early bird passes, and those who have online tickets. You will not be handling money in this role.

Volunteers with Special Superpowers


Do you love to drive? We need people with their own car and driver’s license before and during the festival to run various errands – it could be picking up a performer from the airport, transporting food for catering, or running to the hardware store for that forgotten item. Ideally, Drivers will be able to comfortably lift 30lbs or so, but please still let us know if you’d like to drive but lifting just isn’t your thing. QAF will reimburse Drivers $0.50/km for mileage.


Are you an experienced photographer or videographer and have your own equipment? We need your help documenting QAF events and performances. Mingle at the parties and have the best seat in the house reserved for you! Photographers must be able to attend the tech/dress rehearsal as well as the performance for the program they are documenting. If you are interested in this position, please email us at with links to samples of your work.

Video Editor

Do you want to help out with QAF in the comfort of your own home? We are looking for someone with video editing skills to create videos out of the materials that the videographers capture during the festival! If you are interested in this position, please email us at with links to samples of your work.

Office Assistant

Do you have a passion for office supplies and organization? Are you looking to develop your administrative skill set or already a superstar with administration? Throughout the year, we can often use a hand during office hours – filing, doing data entry, labelling envelopes, and running the occasional errand. Some admin/computer experience would be helpful. Office Assistants can bank their volunteer hours towards passes at the festival, so this is a great way to help out AND get to see all the shows!

For more information on volunteer positions, please email us at: