Sat July 24 | 7- 10 pm

Festival Opening | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer

QAF’s Gala opening party: With music, dazzling views, and art on multiple levels of the Sun Wah Centre to explore, we’re launching the Dispersed QAF in champagne style (have a glass or two or a nibble or three on us) with DJ O Show!

This event is ASL Interpreted.


Mon Aug 2 | 8 pm

Literary Readings | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer Rooftop

Curated by Josie Boyce, slip into a little green something and enjoy readings by Vancouverite writers.

BYOB (bring your own blanket and that other B)/Chair.

Queerotica is Apocalypterotica, in all the best possible ways. Survival through living your truth amidst the world wishing you wouldn’t. That’s us, singing, dancing and freeing our spirits in the ways we are able to given the apocalyptic death urge of humanity. Poetry, Performance, and spoken word at the end of the world, or is it the end of the word? It’s not easy being green, is it? Green in the punk sense, being as respectful to the stolen land (aka unceded) beneath you, and around you, the hierarchies of people here at the end of the world. But we can and we do scream queerotica at the structures around us creating our own language of performance.  Queerotica need not be sexual or romantic in order to be erotic, and vice versa. Blowing minds since forever, and into never, our desires stoke hopeful fires lighting the Apocalypse of now. – Josie Boyce

This event is ASL Interpreted.


Soo Jeong
Tin Lorica
Lili Robinson
Anjalica Solomon
Sajia Sultana Kabir

Glitter is Forever

Fri Aug 13 | 7 – 10pm

Closing Party | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer Rooftop

Join us for the festival closing with DJ O Show and your last chance to see all the art @ QAF 2021with us at the Sun Wah Centre, from the basement, to the SUM gallery, to the rooftop (take it all in!! the art, the views!!).   

This event is ASL Interpreted.

Pillows for the Pandemic

Wed Jul 28 | 7:30 pm

Workshop | SUM gallery or Online

Falak Vasa leads us in a pillow-making workshop, based off of their own series of pillows created during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic offering small comforts that are controllable. 

This event is ASL Interpreted.

Artist Statement

This workshop is about comforts. What makes you comfortable when everything feels harsh? What parts of your body are calling for care? Which sections of the walls in your home are softest? 

Through the pandemic, I have been making pillows for parts of my home and my body that have required some extra tender love and care. Imagining home as an extension of the body, I have been making pillows the shape of my forehead, pillows for my toe, pillows for walls that are a little too hard, pillows with embroidered affirmations.

In this workshop, we will explore these questions of comfort, softness, and more, through writing prompts and conversation. You are also welcome to bring any embroidery materials you’d like to make a pillow of your own during the workshop.

homes are bodies

and pillows 


homes are bodies

and fissures


suture, stitch, stuff

suture, stitch, stuff

suture, stitch, stuff