2016 : Stonewall was a Riot

Visual art Curator: Jonathan D. Katz

Drama Queer is about queer politics, but not in the usual sense. It doesn’t ask you to assume a position and endorse a belief, for that would only meet you in known, familiar territory.

Drama Queer is queer precisely because of the way it shifts the ground to questions we didn’t think to ask, taking us out of our comfortable, acknowledged limits towards new social possibilities and combinations. Powerful emotion has a way of invalidating our automatically held beliefs, bleeding past our comforting parameters and making us account for things we may not even understand. In short Drama Queer is about the messy, incoherent, contradictory realities of queer life, the way a category of sexual identity born of the age of the steam locomotive, and conceived in an attempt to pathologize, police and prosecute homosexuality, now constitutes the very banner we march beneath in our successful pursuit for civil rights.