Queewritica: Erotic writing on libido’s continuum. No matter the genre, no matter your level of experience on or off the page, if you’re writing about sex, we want you to come. Be your boner micro or macro or no bone at all, Queewritica can take it. From dried up to dripping wet, all levels of moistness are wanted.

Write libido’s continuum with us at the Roundhouse Board Room on the first Tuesday of every month.

This event is ASL interpreted and free of charge.

Queewritica provides creative writing space for adults of all genders, orientations and relationship paradigms found under the queer umbrella. As such, members will be expected to interact respectfully and constructively to writings about sexuality and relationship types that may differ from their own experiences and preferences.

Queewritica puts on readings quarterly, with all proceeds being donated to Pride in Art Society. Participation is optional.

Queewritica meets at the Roundhouse on the first Tuesday evening of every month at 7:30pm. Check the chalkboard at the front desk when you arrive for the room.

ASL Interpretation is provided by volunteers from the Douglas College program of sign language interpretation. The venue fully wheelchair accessible. Please help us keep QAF events scent-reduced and refrain from wearing scented products while attending Queewritica.

For a full accessibility audit of the space, visit Radical Access Mapping Project.

About the Facilitator:

Monica Meneghetti is a multilingual language professional and writer with a penchant for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Monica’s poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared in literary journals and musical scores, as well on stage and online. She has also taught and mentored both youth and adults, offering custom-designed workshops. As an editor, she has a special interest in enabling marginalised voices to be heard. She holds a BA in French & Linguistics, and an MFA in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia.