Curated by Jonny Sopotiuk | July 16 – 26 |

Queer life is a reality of ongoing survival. From government and societal oppression, to family rejection and social isolation our memories and experiences have been defined and shaped by the structures that are designed to contain us.

Our identities and experiences are mediated. Living is a constant battle against and with these systems of containment.

Wicked brings together a multigenerational group of artists living and producing work across Canada and the United States as they explore the body, community, and architecture of homonormativity. 

In 2020 we’re learning to live through a new form of containment during a global health pandemic. Our long fight for recognition and the foundations of community infrastructures that we created to sustain us are being fundamentally questioned.

We’re now asked to rethink how we build individual and collective responses to queer and trans trauma and erasure? 

With new connections and intimacy now mediated by requirements to shelter in place, artists critically examine our communities’ oppression and expose implications of complicity in the homonormative systems created to contain us.

Visual Artists

Avram Finkelstein
Christopher Lacroix
Dayna Danger
Elektra KB
Flash Collective
Joseph Liatela
Kama La Mackerel
Love Intersections
Micheal Morris
Shauna Dempsey + Lori Millan
Tom Hsu
Xandra Ibarra

Avram Finkelstein, Silver War Storm, 2019
Christopher Lacroix, Left arm back, strong core, crank forward, 2019
Dayna Danger, Goldilocks, 2011
Elektra KB, C.A.T. Stateless Genderless Passport, 2019
Flash Collective, 2020
Joseph Liatela, Untitled Molecular Prosthesis 4
Kama Mackarel, Breaking the Promise of Tropical Emptiness: Trans Subjectivity in the Postcard, 2019
Kunst, Object For Exchange, 2019
Love Intersections, Hulijing Still 4, Lair, 2020
Michael Morris, Berlin boys from the Boyopolus series (cropped), 1984,
Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, homogeneity, 1998
Tom Hsu, Head in Rock (cropped), 2015
Xandra Ibarra, The Hook Up/Displacement/Barhopping/Drama Tour, 2017
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