MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society is looking for performers for a performance project

PROX:IMITY RE:MIX is a 2 week process that offers skill building in dance, theatre and new media and highlights the unique identities and talents of local queer and allied youth (ages 15-24). No previous performance training is necessary. The content is created from a series of discussions with the youth group around issues of identity, trust, self-respect, self-confidence and touch. The youth will then participate in the creation of the performance along with MACHiNENOiSY artistic Directors Delia Brett & Daelik, and professional dancers.

PROX:IMITY RE:MIX establishes new dance as a positive tool for education and liberation. The youth participants needn’t be previously trained in dance or theatre. Participants will learn the skills they need in physical awareness, and communication through improvisational scores, peer-peer mentorship and by training in Contact Dance. The process engages young and developing queer and non-queer community in an exciting and informative physical dialogue on, performance, identity and collaboration.

Participants will need to be available to rehearse and perform July 20 – Aug 4, 2015
Participants will be paid an honorarium for their time

The performance will take place at the Roundhouse Community Centre as part of the Queer Arts Festival, on Aug 4, 2015. Click HERE for more details.

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