Curated Visual Art

Banner image credit: 2Fik, Abdel et son frère, 2013 -QAF 2013/2016

Queer Arts Festival Curated Exhibition
Artists are invited by the curator(s) to make or submit work

For the QAF Curated exhibition, a curator chooses the artists and works of art, or art projects, grouped around an idea or theme. If you would like us to keep your work in mind for the Curator  – simply send an email with the subject line “Curated Visual Art ” to including:

  • your full contact details (including where you reside)
  • your artist bio
  • a link to your website
  • critical reviews of your work
  • how your work will speak to the year’s theme

Unfortunately we cannot respond to every email, so please don’t be surprised if we aren’t able get back to you, we are always pleased to know of interesting work and will keep your work on file for future consideration.

Deadline: January 1

Also consider participating in the Pride in Art Community Shows, accepting un-themed open submissions until April 15.