Bijuriya: Gabriel Dharmoo

Tue Jun 28 | 7pm

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre Performance Centre – 181 Roundhouse Mews

Gabriel Dharmoo is a music composer and experimental vocalist. Bijuriya is a drag artist engaging with South Asian culture. Gabriel values innovation and risk taking as he navigates Eurocentric artistic scenes. On social media, Bijuriya lip-syncs her way into the hearts of brown queers. Both of them have marginal practices but they have very different audiences. But Gabriel and Bijuriya are one person – and it’s time to bring them together on one stage. Code-switching between drag performance, original songs, experimental sound design and the porosity between singing and lip-syncing, this piece celebrates the artist’s brownness through an array of unexpected talents. A quirky yet vulnerable exploration of their inadequacy to fully represent the subcultures they seek to embrace. 

Read the press release for Bijuriya: Gabriel Dharmoo.

Concept and performance: Gabriel Dharmoo (Bijuriya)

Technical Direction and Light Design: Jon Cleveland

Assistant to Light Design and to Tech Direction: Michael Tonus

Sound Design: Gabriel Dharmoo

Original songs: Bijuriya and Gabriel Ledoux

Voice, cello, steel pan and harmonium: Bijuriya

Electric guitar: Gabriel Ledoux

Additional vocals: Vidita Kanniks

Costumes: Bijuriya, Julie Pichette, Angela Rassenti

Wigs: Heaven Genderfck, Keith Fernandez

Sets accessories: Bijuriya