Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival Officially Kicks Off Next Week

Curiocity Magazine | Jul 9, 2020

Looking for a fun way to spend an evening next week? Then we suggest tuning in for some of the amazing programming coming out for the Queer Arts Festival. The annual event has gone online this year and has created a great lineup of things to watch and even participate in.

The guiding concept for this year’s fest is ‘Wicked’. Rather than focus on Dorothy, the QAF is using a quote from Oscar Wilde to draw inspiration:

So, this year’s programming includes visual art, theatre, literature, and more that looks to explore how queerness is moralized in society. In other words, how queer artists and folks, in general, are perceived by the rest of their culture or even around the world.

And finally, all of the events are free to check out! Basically, this year’s festival will be as interesting as it is visually stunning, so we highly recommend checking it out.