CBC | July 19, 2020

Now in its 12th year, Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival isn’t letting physical distancing measures get in the way of its programming, as organizers reimagine the festival for the digital realm. 

Thierry Gudel, president of the Pride in Art Society, says the festival it puts on is as resilient as the communities it represents. 

“Safety is a luxury afforded to few: to those with homes, accessible health care, as well as those who don’t need to protest to have their lives valued by the state. As a result, our communities have become resilient. Queer Arts Festival is resilient, thanks to the passion and dedication of artists, volunteers, audiences, and staff,” said Gudel in a statement.

The festival, which takes place July 16-26, features a variety of performance, theatre, music, dance and literary events, all digitally streamed, with art installations throughout the city. 

Festival organizers are also creating a Queer Arts Festival magazine that will be mailed out to everyone on the festival mailing list, and will be available for pick-up at select open venues in the city.

The festival’s artistic director SD Holman says, ultimately, art can have transformative powers.

“We are often attracted to things, things that are written or other things that we already believe in,” Holman said.

“Good art has the ability to cut through that confirmation bias and open you up and transform you to new ideas.”

To attend or see more details about upcoming performances, visit the festival website.