Submissions are open for the 2019 Pride in Art Community Show


This open visual art exhibition honours our founder, Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong and 20 years of Pride in Art.

Where: Great Hall of the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre
When: June 18 – June 26, 2019.
Submission deadline: April 25 or until space is filled. Please allow minimum 2 weeks for a response.

Artwork for this show doesn’t need to fit the festival theme.

Go to /submit/pride-in-art-community-visual-arts-shows/ to see the Submission checklist.

Questions? Email us at with the subject line “Community Artwork Submission”.

PLEASE NOTE: The policy of the Roundhouse is that in the Great Hall (unlike the Exhibition Centre), frontal nudity or sexually overt work is not permitted. The Great Hall is not a formal exhibition space that people consciously choose to enter, but a pass-through space that young children and parents use frequently in their other activities at the Roundhouse, hence the policy. Obviously, there is room for interpretation in the policy, and the Roundhouse Programmers exercise their discretion in the application of the rules. Sorry about that. It’s Roundhouse policy not QAF.