Self-Producing and Touring 101 with Sunny Drake

So you wanna tour the world with your art or performance?

Step-by-step considerations for self-producing and touring independent performance, including being presented by venues, festivals or community groups, hiring venues and/or Do-It-Yourself style (warehouses, youth centres, living rooms…). Workshop facilitator Sunny Drake has toured his work extensively including in Canada, the USA, Europe, Puerto Rico and Australia. He’s toured to international arts festivals, queer festivals, universities, schools, community centres, squats and underground venues, backyards, conferences and deserts.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind workshop opportunity with performance artist Sunny Drake!

If you like this, check out Sunny’s show X at QAF July 26-28.

This event is fully wheelchair accessible. This event is fully wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately this event is not suitable for people living with MCS due to chemicals in inks being used in another workshop.

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