Seeking Protection is Not A Crime

Painted Stories from Self Identified LGBTQ2SI Migrants & Refugees.

Co-produced with the Rainbow Refugee Committee and PeerNetBC. An intimate participatory painting workshop creating and claiming  space for queer refugees and migrants, sharing stories and building community through visual arts, facilitated by Mira Ghattas (Jordan) with social artist Melanie Shambach (Colombia).  Produced in partnership with Rainbow Refugee Committee and PeerNet BC, this project taps into the power of the arts to build a sense of belonging and community among participants, offering a safe and inclusive space to share their personal stories and perspectives on the queer refugee experience, exploring art as a tool for social justice. Participants met weekly through April/May of 2014; Melanie put the finishing touches on the painting in June. The finished work will be exhibited at the Queer Arts Festival 2014, from Jul 23 – Aug 9, bringing to light the hidden stories of queer refugees, provoking questions through a medium where language poses no barrier. Please join us for an informal reception on Jul 24 at 5:30 to meet the participants, raise a glass, and learn about the process. A great way to spend time with community before the Cor Flammae show! Check out the facebook event page here