Relational rEvolutions

Mon Jun 17 – Wed Jun 26 | Visual Art Exhibition | 

Guest curator Elwood Jimmy

We often think of revolution in relation to ways of knowing, but we rarely think about revolution in relation to our colonial habits of being – how our habits are dependent on, maintained and enabled by colonization. A revolution of being is not about what we say, how we look, how we perform, or how we trade in the different economies of colonial modernity. A revolution of being invites us to change our desires, our hopes, how we hope, how we sense, how we love, and above all, regenerate and recalibrate our relationships with each other, with the land, with time, with form and with space. In this recalibration of being, time and revolution are not linear. A radically different and tender way of being is necessary to face the violence on particular bodies – the human and non-human – that keep colonial systems in place, and to not lose sight of what we do not want to see. It is the cultivation and maintenance of practices – artistic, spiritual, life – that gesture towards a reimagining of a different way of being, of sitting with the complexities that we collectively face in an increasingly polarized world. In this exhibition, we look towards practices and processes that move towards generative ways of being. – Curator Elwood Jimmy