2012 : Random Acts of Queerness

Visual Art Curators: Persimmon Blackbridge, Jeffery Austin Gibson & SD Holman

The 2012 Queer Arts Festival brings you “Random Acts of Queerness”, to commemorate the centenary of the experimental multidisciplinary queer artist John Cage. A pioneer of experimental music, Cage is best known for championing Indeterminacy: a philosophy that opens up artistic practice to include the random as a way of radically breaking with tradition, convention and habit.

For this year’s theme, some artists have chosen to explore literal “random acts of queerness”: those odd, spontaneous moments when our queerness bursts forth upon the world. Others decided to include random or indeterminate elements in their work, whether it be Indeterminacy of Process, Indeterminacy of Form or Indeterminacy of Identity; perhaps risking the effects of random juxtaposition. Cage used strategies such as the I Ching, playing random radio stations and putting odd objects inside of pianos before performing as methods of creating indeterminate music. What kinds of systems, symbols or strategies will be harnessed?