Race-ing Queer Music Scholarship

A symposium featuring a concert, keynotes and multiple panels of academic papers, to race queer music scholarship by critically engaging a richer, more intersectional approach to thinking about music in its relationship with queer bodies.

November 2

Keynote Speakers

4pm–6pm, University of British Columbia

Suzanne G. Cusick, chair

Alisha Lola Jones, “ ‘You Are My Dwelling Place’: Experiencing Black Male Vocalists’ Worship as Autoeroticism in Gospel Performance.”

Deborah R. Vargas, “The ‘J’ (jota) in Jenni:   Jenni Rivera’s Queer Sonic Imaginary.”

Concert: Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa and Teiya Kasahara

6:30pm, University of British Columbia, School of Music, Recital Hall

Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa and soprano Teiya Kasahara (QAF Artist 2012, 2013) perform pieces by Leslie Uyeda, Hiroki Tsurumoto and Jeffrey Ryan. Teiya previously appeared at QAF as Solana in the world premiere of When the Sun Comes Out, Canada’s first lesbian opera (commissioned by QAF).

Cursor 7, by Hiroki Tsurumoto

“And so I killed a man tonight,” from The Laurels (2001), with music by Jeffrey Ryan, libretto by Michael MacLennan

Solana’s Song from When The Sun Comes Out (2013), with music by Leslie Uyeda, libretto by Rachel Rose

November 3

Panel: Complicating Queer

9am–10:30am, University of British Columbia, Irving K Barber Library, Dodson Room

Panel: Genealogies of Current Popular Musics

10:45am–12:15pm, University of British Columbia, Irving K Barber Library, Dodson Room

November 4

Panel: Identification and Identity

12pm–1:45pm, Sheraton Wall Center Hotel

Panel: Critiquing Racial Blindness

8pm–10pm, Sheraton Wall Center Hotel

Please note that registration for the conference is free. Visit Race-ing Queer Music Scholarship for more information.

Race-ing Queer Music Scholarship sponsored by the LGBTQ Study Group of the AMS, the Queer Resource Group of the SMT, the Gender and Sexualities Taskforce of the SEM, the School of Music of the University of British Columbia, the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice at UBC, the Department of Music at the Graduate Center in the City University of New York, and Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture.