Queer Arts Festival

The Queer Arts Festival (QAF) is an annual artist-run professional Transdisciplinary arts festival at the Roundhouse. Recognized among the top 3 festivals of its kind worldwide, QAF produces, presents and exhibits challenging, thought-provoking work that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue. Each year, the festival theme ties together a curated visual art exhibition, performing arts series, workshops, artist talks, panels, and media art screenings. QAF has garnered wide acclaim as “concise, brilliant and moving” (Georgia Straight), “easily one of the best exhibitions of the year in Vancouver” (Vancouver Sun), and “on the forefront of aesthetic and cultural dialogue today” (Xtra). QAF began in 1998 as Pride In Art, founded by Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong, Black artist Jeffery Gibson and a collective of queer visual artists mounting an annual community art exhibition. In 2006, spearheaded by artists SD Holman and Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, Pride in Art incorporated as a nonprofit, mounting the first multidisciplinary Queer Arts Festival in 2008, and founding SUM gallery in 2018. QAF has incited dozens of artistic milestones, notably the commissioning and world premiere of Canada’s first lesbian opera, When the Sun Comes Out by Leslie Uyeda and Rachel Rose in 2013; TRIGGER, the 25th anniversary exhibition for Kiss & Tell’s notorious Drawing the Line project; Jeremy Dutcher’s first full-length Vancouver concert; Cris Derksen’s monumental Orchestral Powwow; and producing the award-winning world premiere of the play Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts), Lesley Ewen’s fantastical reimagining of multimedia titan Paul Wong’s early career.

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Mark Takeshi McGregor
Artistic Director       
SD Holman
Founding Artistic Director Emeritus
Lalia Fraser
General Manager
CS ‘Fergie’ Fergusson-Vaux Associate Artistic Director
Ben Siegl
Assistant Curator
Mirim Jang
Operations Manager
Tanya Commisso
Director of Communications

Maxim Greer Director of Development
Staff and Board 2019 QAF opening night

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