Sat July 24 – Fri Aug 13, daily from 12 – 6pm

Visual Art | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer, 4th Floor

The exhibition is open to the public and free to view in the SUM gallery (4th floor) of the Sun Wah Centre for the duration of the festival, open Tue Sat from 12 – 6pm.

Each year, the Pride in Art Community Show honours Pride in Art founder, activist, and Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong’s legacy with an open community exhibition.

Paris, 1863: A group of artists whose works had been rejected by the selection committee of the official Salon protested so vigorously the Emperor Napoleon III, ‘wishing to let the public judge the legitimacy of these complaints’, ordered a special exhibition. The resulting exhibition, the Salon des Refusés revolutionized how European art was viewed and consumed.  

Vancouver, 1998: The Pride In Art Society forms as a collective of queer visual artists mounting an annual community art exhibition. PiA works to celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art. 

Vancouver, 2021: At this year’s Pride in Art Community Show, we’re celebrating our continued and stubbornly vibrant survival. As part of QAF 2021 Dispersed: it’s not easy being green, we’re throwing what was once refused up on our walls. A Salon des Refusés, works that were not ‘right’ in other exhibitions- too loud, too quiet, too queer, too normative, too much, too little. All those works that we were told couldn’t fit, we’re reclaiming as gold.