Practicum students from the Social Justice Institute at UBC, Nikita Day and Emily Irvine, interview 2018 DECADEnce Visual Art curator Valérie d. Walker and 2017 UnSettled Literary curator Samantha Nock about their experiences curating for the Queer Arts Festival, their artistic practices, and the significance of queer art in the past, present, and future! Check it out!

> Queer Arts Festival podcast <

We’re pleased to have Samantha Nock as one of the readers at Lay of the Land, our annual night of erotic reading curated this year by Daniel Heath Justice. As curator of last year’s literary evening, Samantha rebranded the event as Lay of the Land.
Lay of the Land is June 19, 7pm in the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall and is pay what you can!

Community Partners: Social Justice Institute at UBC and Unceded Airwaves

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