Deaf-Queer Dialogue 101

Join the BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (BCRAD) and the Queer Arts Festival as we embark on a collaboration to explore the dynamics of Deaf-Queer identities! Our facilitator and four panelists from various backgrounds of Deafness explore the intersections of Deaf and queer culture, deliver heavy-hitting personal treatises on ableism and accessibility, and answer your own questions about the joys and tribulations of Deaf-queer identities. Be prepared to shock preconceptions of accessibility, and explore what it means for Deaf and queer communities to work hand-in-hand in challenging ableism and discovering accessibility as a united front.

English interpretation will be provided for non ASL-signers. English Language Real-Time Captioning is currently being arranged (to be confirmed.)

BCRAD is an education, social recreation, and administrative organization for Deaf, deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, Deaf-blind people who are gender and/or sexual minorities, and their hearing allies. Find more information go to
We are committed to supporting new and old signers alike, and encourage all to attend our frequent social events!

This ASL event is English interpreted, scent-reduced, and fully wheelchair accessible. For more information on how to support a scent-reduced event, please visit For a full accessibility audit of the space, visit Building Radical Accessible Communities.

The Radical Accessibility Mapping Project performed an accessibility audit for the Roundhouse in August 2011, and the space has remained the same since.

Access Overview: Just the Basics.

Full Access Audit.

You can learn more about the Radical Access Mapping Project here.

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