atest – page sample of text styles

The paragraph style is the default style that shows up everytime you add a text block.

h1 – This is the “title banner style”. It indicates the post or page that you are on and is usually located ABOVE the feature image. You “can” use it somewhere else that you want small, purple, bold all caps font.

h2 – This is something I like to use when I “really” need people to notice something – use sparingly.

h3 – This is a good sized purple and bolded subtitle style. It can be manipulated using html as seen on home page. Just choose “edit as html” to change the colour on the line, (if you know what you are doing) and if you want both black and purple on the title style. I made style in Bold face but you can make it bolder or italicize at will using the style enhancement menu that’s part of each paragraph.

h4 – this style has not been used on the site. I find it difficult to read, but it might come in handy, at some point.

h5 – This style is also good for subheads, but it is black and a light weight. It has been used as a paragraph style when we have wanted an entire paragraph to stand out. You can manipulate by making text bold or italic.

h6 – another style that has not really been used throughout the site, although it might come in handy!