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Queer Arts Festival 2014: ReGenerations

The theme of QAF 2014, ReGenerations, is a defiant reframing of the Nazi term “Degenerate Art.” Tyrants throughout history have banned artists or artworks, arguing they posed an imminent danger to the social fabric. QAF 2014 embraces the premise that art can be dangerous, even revolutionary. In the intimate act of sharing as artists and audiences we find meaning and transformation. And from that vulnerable place, we find the strength to change the world.

ReGenerations is a celebration of our queer heritage — fecund, generative, and innovative, handed down by artists across generations and national boundaries. QAF 2014 foregrounds cross-generational collaboration with a lineup of artists aged 18 to 80, mentorships that team up emerging with established artists, and programming that connects historical queer icons to our living, contemporary art practice. This year’s festival brings together artists navigating queer identity across the international diaspora, hailing from over 20 countries including Australia, Brazil, the Cree Nation, India, Iran, Russia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. ReGenerations also speaks to healing and renewal, addressing topics such as addiction, and solidarity for those struggling for queer rights internationally and at home.

Highlights include Sunny Drake’s transdisciplinary exploration of addiction and recovery, X; the debut of Canada’s first professional queer classical choir Cor Flammae; master harpsichordist Colin Tilney Celebrates LXXX, and Queering the International, the visual arts exhibition curated by Laiwan with curatorial assistant Anne Riley.

QAF 2014. Dare to be challenged. Risk being changed.


Thank you for joining us in this incredible 3-week celebration of queer art and culture.
We're incredibly proud to be part of such a talented, proud, strong, and exciting community.

Our stellar lineup of talent included artists of all ages and backgrounds, tracing a transgressive queer heritage that has crossed both generational and geopolitical boundaries. Together, we foregrounded collaborations and mentorships, we connected historical icons with contemporary art practices, and we explored what it truly means to be Queer today.

We'd like to take this time to recognize the contributions of our wonderful artists, staff, volunteers, and board. Together, we’ve made ReGenerations a success. See you next year, and be on the lookout for updates from the festival with recaps and other goodies!

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Image: SD Holman


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