JUN 18 – JUL 8 | 2022

What haunts you? Fear? Insecurity? Longing? In a Queer context, our very existence is haunting ― a reminder of what colonial culture attempted to erase and an ephemeral suggestion of what future lays in wait across generations. 

QAF 2022 explores Hauntings in both playful and profound ways with a dynamic suite of visual art, performance, music, and literary events, from the depths of the Sun Wah Centre, up through Centre A Vancouver International Centre For Contemporary Asian Art, On Main Gallery, and SUM gallery, to the rooftop overlooking historic Chinatown. We’re rekindling our longstanding partnership with the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre and celebrating deepening friendships with the James Black Gallery, Full Circle: First Nations Performance, Griffin Art Projects and Coastal Jazz & Blues Society.

2021: Dispersed
It’s not easy being green

Curated by Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour + SD Holman

QAF shows artists upcycling & recycling apocalyptic fear & dread into art & social change. Green symbolizes not only our relationship to each other & the lands we occupy, but also difference & marginalization, exemplified by popular culture green underdogs Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West & Rainbow Connection, Kermit the Frog. It’s not easy being green, fighting for a world that consistently rejects us. With imminent climate catastrophe upon us, we witness the world grappling with the end times, but when were the queered privy to life outside the apocalypse? 

Green is the complex terrain of extended kinship ties of Indigiqueer/two-spirit and queer settlers. Green spectrals haunt the hyphened margins of the subaltern; enduring perpetually frequent gaslighting(s) of post-traumatic settler-colonial and concurrent disorders. Together/apart WE endure our own private apocalyptics. Cataclysmic temporal end-points that exist as seemingly fixed and an unavoidable global terminus – from which Indigiqueer/queer resurgence erupts relentlessly into the ongoing colonial.

QAF shows artists cast as see-ers/oracles/alchemists upcycling/rebranding/reclaiming/transgressing/transforming apocalyptic visions towards queer utopic landscapes, transmuting fear, dread and a collective broken heart of forced disslocations with departures and arrivals, using art as transformative praxis and practice towards social and spiritual metamorphoses.

2021 Events

Piano Burning

Sun Oct 24 | 5pm Transdisciplinary music performance | Mountain View Cemetery


Sat July 24 | 7- 10 pm Festival Opening | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer

QAF 2021 dispersed:

it's not easy being greenJul 24 - Aug 13, 2021QAF shows artists upcycling & recycling apocalyptic fear &...

Curated Visual Art Exhibition

Sat Jul 24 - Fri Aug 13, from 12 – 6pmVisual Art Exhibition | Sun Wah 268 Keefer, Lower Ground Floor

Language as a Virus: Queer isolation stories

Sat Jul 24- Fri Aug 13 Sonic Installation | around False Creek & Online Language as a Virus: Queer...

Language as a Virus: The Tour

Mon Jul 26 | 5 pmAudio Art Tour | Roundhouse Community Arts Centre RoundaboutJoin artist Bobbi Kozinuk in an exploration of her work, Language as a Virus: Queer Isolation Stories. Language as...

Curator Tour with Guest Artists

Tue Jul 27, 5pm Visual Art Tour | Sun Wah 268 Keefer, Lower Ground FloorCome together for our Visual Art Tour of our exhibition it's not easy being green, with the curators...

Screen Greenery

Sat Jul 31 | 9 pmMedia Art Screening | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer RooftopCurated by QAF Associate Artistic Director Fergie and Programs Coordinator...


Mon Aug 2 | 8 pmLiterary Readings | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer RooftopCurated by Josie Boyce, slip into a...

Onibana Taiko and Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Sat Aug 7 | 8 pm Dance and Music Performance | Mountain View Cemetery*NEW* ONLINE | Tue Aug 10 | 24 hours

Glitter is Forever

Fri Aug 13 | 7 - 10pm Closing Party | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer Rooftop Join us for the festival closing with DJ O Show and your last chance to see all the art...

Kindred Spirits

Sat Jul 24 - Fri Aug 13 Community Art Showcase | OnlineThe digital culmination of the Kindred Spirits digital artist residency run by and for 2Spirit and Indigiqueer artists. Guided by Faculty members

Pride in Art Community Show

Sat July 24 - Fri Aug 13, daily from 12 – 6pmVisual Art | SUM & Sun Wah 268 Keefer, 4th Floor

Pillows for the Pandemic

Wed Jul 28 | 7:30 pmWorkshop | SUM gallery or OnlineFalak Vasa leads us in a...

Queerer than Queer: Lessons from Nonduality for Deep Planetary Healing

Thu Aug 5 & Fri Aug 6 | 7pm Workshop | Online"Now, my own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."~ JBS Haldane in his 1927 essay,...

Gathering of Wishes and 1000 Paper Butterflies

Phase 1 of Mass Reincarnation of Wish Fragments 願片大量転生 (Ganhen Tairyou Tensei)Workshop | Wed Aug 4, 6pm | SUM gallery & Online With Artists:

2020: Wicked

Visual art Curator: Jonny Sopotiuk

July 16 – July 26, 2020

Wicked brings together a multigenerational group of artists living and producing work across Canada and the United States as they explore the body, community, and architecture of homonormativity. 

In 2020, we’re learning to live through a new form of containment during a global health pandemic. Our long fight for recognition and the foundations of community infrastructures that we created to sustain us are being fundamentally questioned.

2020 Events

Too Spirited

Indigenous Burlesque | July 17 | 7 pm Embrace your too-muchness with bombastic burlesque brought to you by the badass babes of Virago Nation, Turtle Island’s first all-indigenous burlesque collective. Featuring special guests Monday Blues and Lynx Chase! Whether you’ve seen...

Glitter is Forever Pajama Party

Closing Binge | July 26 | 4 PM Get your dress jammies on, grab a drink and binge-watch the entire Queer Arts Festival with us (take it all in!!). Expect surprises and special...

Pride in Art Community Art Show

Art Show | July 16 -26From the roots of the Queer Arts Festival, this open visual art show honours our founder, Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong and 21 years of Pride in...

This Crazy Show

Dance Performance | July 25 | 7 PM | July 26 | 2 PM In his Swan Song, contemporary dance legend Noam Gagnon sashays the fine line between pain and pleasure in a fetishization of something glamorous and beautifully twisted:...

A Conversation on Queer Mentorship

Lunch Discourse | July 25 | 12 pmHiromi Goto and Erica Isomura explore the nuances of intergenerational mentorship as queer POC writers.Hiromi Goto, an emigrant from Japan, gratefully resides...

The Darlings, Uncensored

Drag Performance | July 24 | 7 pm | The QAF proudly welcomes The Darlings—Continental Breakfast, PM, Rose Butch and Maiden China—to the stage, ahem, screen, with a new performance created around the...

Underground Absolute Fiction

Speculative Theatre | July 23 | 7 pm | Underground Absolute Fiction is an immersive play-meets-punk-concert, inspired by the apartment theatre of 1980s Poland. It invites audiences into a secret meeting at a...

A Night of Storytelling

Literary Readings | July 22 | 7 pm | A Night of Storytelling is back for its fifth year and once again hosted by the much-beloved Danny Ramadan, this time around as a...

Media Nights with VIVO

| July 18 + July 19 | 7 PMRupture Probe and Return to Sodom North look at the continuity of themes across the two decades that separate the works. They also illustrate the resilience of shorter experimental forms that emerging...

Curator Tour

Curated by Jonny Sopotiuk | July 16 - 26 | Curator StatementQueer life is a reality of ongoing survival. From government and societal oppression, to family rejection...

Wicked: Curated Visual Arts Exhibition

Curated by Jonny Sopotiuk | July 16 - 26 | Queer life is a reality of ongoing...

2019: rEvolution

Visual art Curator: Elwood Jimmy

June 17 – 28, 2019

We often think of revolution in relation to ways of knowing, but we rarely think about revolution in relation to our colonial habits of being—how our habits are dependent on, maintained and enabled by colonization. A revolution of being is not about what we say, how we look, how we perform, or how we trade in the different economies of colonial modernity. A revolution of being invites us to change our desires, our hopes, how we hope, how we sense, how we love, and above all, regenerate and recalibrate our relationships with each other, with the land, with time, with form and with space. In this recalibration of being, time and revolution are not linear.

2019 Events

Stonewall 50: Glitter is Forever

Fri Jun 28 | 9pm | Free with QSO ticket | Party only $20 - $15You can't get that shit out!On the...

Queer Songbook Orchestra Workshop

Thur Jun 27 | 6 - 8 pm room B | This opportunity is for emerging artists to work with the celebrated Queer Songbook Orchestra, and use your own personal narratives as an entry point for creating music. Young artists of all disciplines welcome...

Technical Knockouts Lab

Wed Jun 12 - Sat Jun 22 | A female-centred music production drop-in lab for queer, Indigenous and allied youth led by Kinnie Starr, DJ O Show and Tiffany Moses.ASL interpretation available upon request.

Queer Songbook Orchestra

Fri Jun 28 | 7pm | Concert | $40 - $30Celebrated national chamber ensemble Queer Songbook Orchestra unearth the queer backstories and personal narratives inspired by musicof the past several generations, weaving together stories...

The Wide Open

Wed Jun 26 | 7pm | Media Art with Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival | $20 - $10The Wide Open, curated by Lacie Kanerahtahsóhon Burning, continues from media art in community centres throughout Vancouver through their Trans, Gender...


Tue Jun 25 | 7pm | with The Frank Theatre | Pay What You CanBuy TicketsBuy Tickets on Eventbrite ...

Jesse – an ASL opera

Mon Jun 24 | 7pm | with Landon Krentz and re:Naissance Opera | Pay What You CanJESSE - AN ASL OPERA is a workshop reading by Landon Krentz, Heather Molloy & Paula Weber resulting from...

Technical Knockouts

Sun Jun 23 | 7pm | Multidisciplinary Music | $20 - $10Performances by young artists from QAF’s Technical Knockouts music lab, mentored by Kinnie Starr,  DJ O Show and Tiffany Moses. QAF’s emerging artist...

The Queen in Me

Fri Jun 21 & Sat Jun 22 | 7pm | Multidisciplinary musical Performance | Amplified Opera and Theatre Gargantua | $30 - $20

Artist Tour

Thu Jun 20 | 7pm | Led by Elwood Jimmy | QAF visual artists and curator Elwood Jimmy convene for a panel discussing the visual art exhibition.

Youth Curator Tour

Wed Jun 19 | 4pm | led by Elwood Jimmy | Curator Elwood Jimmy leads tour for LGBT2S youth to see their identities reflected in art, organized in partnership with Broadway Youth Resource Centre and Directions Youth Services.

A Night of Storytelling

Wed Jun 19 | 7pm | Literary Readings | Pay What you CanDanny Ramadan brings his much-loved nights of readings to the Queer Arts Festival. Featuring Kai Cheng Thom, Mey Rude, Tash McAdam, Monica Meneghetti and Michael...

Relational rEvolutions

Mon Jun 17 - Wed Jun 26 | Visual Art Exhibition | Guest curator Elwood Jimmy We often think of revolution in relation to ways of knowing, but we rarely...
Queer Arts Festival 2019 ART PARY!

Art Party!

Tue Jun 18 | 7pm | FreeGala Opening Reception Join us for the Queer Arts Festival’s opening Art Party!, where art and conviviality converge at the grand opening.Art Party! marks the opening night of...


Image Gallery

2018 : DECADEnce

Visual art Curator: Valerie d. Walker

June 16 – June 29, 2018

Decadence is often used in a negative context to denote some kind of moral or social decline with lavish or overindulgence in things that bring us pleasure. Queer that up and see the opportunity for: Luxurious self-indulgence full of richness and the celebration of pleasures. That’s the idea.

2018 Events

Art Party!

Gala Opening Reception | Roundhouse Exhibition HallArt and conviviality converge at the grand opening celebrating 10 years of the Queer Arts Festival.with DJ O'Show![fancygallery id="9" album="29"]

Pride In Art Exhibition 2018

Roundhouse Great HallThis open visual art exhibition honours our founder, Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong and 20 years of Pride in Art.Alecska DivisaderoArt Sun-FaceChris WatsonDavid CamisaEdward BaderHolly SteeleJeannette SiroisJulia WongKenneth FreemanSakino SepulvedaSamsaTyler Homan


June 16 - 27 — The RoundhouseDECADEnce visual art exhibition curated by Valérie d. Walker.Visual artistsAA BronsonAngela Gabereau & Coral Short & VisionariesApril Sumter-FreitagBerlynn BeamCarl Pope Jr.Chandra Melting TallowDana ClaxtonDayna DangerEloisa AquinoGeneral...

Curator Tour

Roundhouse Exhibition HallCurator Valérie d. Walker discusses DECADEnce with curated artists Berlynn Beam, Eloisa Aquino, Jenny Lin, and Mutya Macatumpag (moo-cha) (maca-toom-pag) – a.k.a. FIND MUTYA the stirring moments of queer time, the inherited legacies of queer ancestors and why...

Transfixed – Media Art Program

with VIMAF | Roundhouse Performance CentreTransfixed is a curatorial collection of films that highlights the strategies utilized by Trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming artists to mitigate violence. Each artist within the collective examines the fractals of state violence that is perpetuated onto their bodies....

2018 Youth Curator Tour

with Broadway Youth Resource Centre & Directions Youth ServicesCurator tour of the visual art exhibition for the younger generations (ages 15-24). You are welcome to experience a guided tour with QAF 2018 visual art curator, Valerie d. Walker. Come interact, ask questions about the...

Lay of the Land

Roundhouse Exhibition HallAn annual soirée of erotic literary readings, curated this year by Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee Nation), UBC Indigenous Professor and co-editor of Sovereign Erotics, the first and only published collection of Two-Spirit literary erotic writing. Previously known as...

Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts)

World Premiere with the frank theatre company | Roundhouse Performance CentreA love story. A ghost story. A ritual for release.A Vancouver artist attends the opening night of his career retrospective. Unbeknownst to gallery-goers, his past has returned to haunt him....

Skin & Metal: Homoerotic Music Theatre Works by Barry Truax

Roundhouse Performance CentrePerformed by Erato Ensemble with special guest artist Jerry Pergolesi, percussion, double bass, this concert honours seminal electro-acoustic Vancouver composer Barry Truax in a 30-year retrospective concert of his trailblazing...

How many ways can you sing a song?

This session will be led by Jeremy Dutcher, a composer and vocal artist of the Wolastoq nation. His music merges aesthetics and influences from traditional, classical and contemporary sound worlds, and his breakout album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa explores his sonic heritage. Come and engage in...


with MACHiNENOiSY | Roundhouse Performance CentreThe Queer Arts Festival presents MACHiNENOiSY’s PROX:IMITY RE:MIXPROX:IMITY RE:MIX is the culmination of a 2 week performance process in Dance, Theatre and New Media with MACHiNENOiSY and LGBTQ+ youth. RE:MIX is an interdisciplinary dance...

Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (Maliseet Songs)

Roundhouse Performance CentreOperatic tenor Jeremy Dutcher performs traditional songs of his Wolastoqiyik ancestors, in duet with recordings that he rediscovered, transcribed from century-old archival wax cylinder recordings, and arranged for voice, electronics and piano.This performance is SOLD OUT! We...

Skin & Metal: Homoerotic Music Theatre Works by Barry Truax

Roundhouse Performance CentrePerformed by Erato Ensemble with special guest artist Jerry Pergolesi, percussion, double bass, this concert honours seminal electro-acoustic Vancouver composer Barry Truax in a 30-year retrospective concert of his trailblazing...

Lee Su-Feh: Everything

Roundhouse Performance CenterDancer Lee Su-Feh negotiates an environment of smoke and numbers, flying objects in this durational performance. The complicated dialogue as Asian diaspora encounters colonized Indigeneity.pay what you canCommunity partner: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Traditional Chinese...

Glitter is Forever

Queeraoke Closing Party | The JunctionQAF’s final blowout—revel in community, effervescent refreshments, and karaoke with glitter.[fancygallery id="9" album="30"]


Image Gallery

2017 : UnSettled

Visual Art Curator: Adrian Stimson

June 17 – 29, 2017

UnSettled is curated by Two-Spirit and queer-identified Indigenous artists, and developed in collaboration with Indigenous arts organizations. The term “Two-Spirit” is used by many Indigenous people to describe their gender, sexual and spiritual identity—often inclusive of all Indigenous LGBTQ+—in reclaiming and restoring traditional concepts suppressed by colonial heteronormativity.

2017 Events

Glitter is Forever: Queeraoke Closing Party

QAF’s final blowout—revel in community, effervescent refreshments, and karaoke with glitter.Free, $6 cover after 9pm.At the JunctionThe Junction is a 19+ venue at all times. Proper...

Pride in Art Exhibition

From the roots of the Queer Arts Festival, this open visual art exhibition honours our founder, Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong.Scent Reduced:This event is scent-reduced. Please help us keep this a welcome space for everyone and refrain from wearing scented products while attending QAF events.

Art Party! Gala Opening Reception

Art and conviviality converge at the grand opening of our 2017 festival. Performance art curated by Stimson will take place on this night.ASL Interpretation:ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.Scent Reduced:This event is scent-reduced. Please help us keep this a...


Siksika visual art curator Adrian Stimson curates Indigenous work exploring Two-Spirit identity.For too long, the absence of representations of Two-Spirit people, art, and being from contemporary popular culture has been equally embedded in hegemonic practices of colonization. With UnSettled I...

Curator Panel

Curator Adrian Stimson discusses UnSettled with curated artists Dayna Danger, George Littlechild, John Powell, Michelle Sylliboy, and Vanessa Dion Fletcher.Community partner: Bill Reid GalleryASL...

Art Salon

QAF Visual Art Preparator Lacie Kanerahtahsóhon Burning leads a public salon with local artists and curator to discuss the themes of the visual art exhibition.Community Partner: Daily XtraASL Interpretation:ASL Interpretation has been booked for this event.

Youth Curator Tour

with Broadway Youth Resource Centre & Directions Youth ServicesCurator tour of the visual art exhibition for the younger generations (ages 15-24). You are welcome to experience a guided tour with QAF 2017 visual art curator, Adrian Stimson. Come interact, ask questions about the

Lay of the Land

A Night of Indigenous Erotica—curated by Samantha NockLay of the Land is a night of space taken back and reclaimed for queer and two-spirit Indigenous poets and writers to call back our sexualities. Through 500 years of colonization, spaces to safely express love, longing,...

MSM [men seeking men]

With lemonTree creationsMSM [men seeking men] is a dance theatre piece inspired by transcripts of online conversations between men who seek other men. lemonTree’s Artistic Producer Indrit Kasapi has created a world of electronic beats where music is the omnipotent power, and...

QAF Young Artist Program: Technical Knockouts

Kinnie Starr, DJ O Show, and Tiffany MosesA female-centred music production, tech, songwriting and DJ drop-in lab for queer Indigenous and allied youth.Open to all genders, all nations, all affiliations.Come hover,...

Unsettling Colonial Gender Boundaries

Local curators June Scudeler and Lacie Kanerahtahsóhon Burning program an evening of Two-Spirit media art, centering Indigenous experiences of sexuality and gender. Shared and emerging histories are explored through media and performance by Thirza Cuthand (Cree), Chandra Melting Tallow (Siksika), Raven Davis (Anishinaabek), and Kent Monkman (Swampy Cree) to...

THE GRID [a workshop]

with lemonTree creationsIndrit Kasapi of lemonTree leads dance and theatre artists through lemonTree’s creation process ‘the grid,’ based on viewpoints.The Grid is a creation process that lemonTree creations has been using to generate their material for several of their...

Talking Two-Spirit

Join us for an afternoon conversation of what is Two-Spirit and who is Two-Spirit from a pre-contact/traditional context and what is being done today to revitalize these time-honoured ways. Also addressed is how this discussion and work is different from the broader western LGBT/Queer framing. This conversation will...

Artist-Led Afternoon

Site-specific and culturally-focused teaching through storytelling from local media artist and ethnobotanist Cease Wyss.T’uy’tanat-Cease Wyss, Skwxwu7mesh/Sto: Lo/ Hawaiian/Swiss Individual, who is a media artist with 25 years of experience, producing various formats of media art, as well as being a mentor in her field...

Kinnie Starr, DJ O Show, Tiffany Moses in concert: Technical Knockouts

Poetry, DJ, hip hop and electronic music by Kinnie Starr, DJ O Show, and Tiffany Moses performing with guests from QAF’s young artist program.Kinnie Starr is a genre-defying artist blazing...

Greed / REsolve

with Full Circle First Nations PerformanceCommerce, greed, and disenfranchisement are key themes in these two paired dance works by Circadia Indigena - Indigenous Arts Collective.Greed examines our exploitative stock market system and the crippling effects of...


Image Gallery

2016 : Stonewall was a Riot

Visual art Curator: Jonathan D. Katz

June 21 – 30, 2016

Drama Queer is about queer politics, but not in the usual sense. It doesn’t ask you to assume a position and endorse a belief, for that would only meet you in known, familiar territory.

2016 Events

Curator Panel

ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.Renowned curator Jonathan D. Katz and curated artists lead audiences through Drama Queer: seducing social change. Entry to all QAF events requires membership to the Pride in Art Society. Memberships are available for $2...

Queering Selfies

In partnership with WePress, Directions Youth Services and Broadway Youth Resource Centre.For queer youth, the defence of our identities is wrapped into survival. Self portraiture, a.k.a. Selfies, are a grounding mechanism and...

Young and Queer, Here and Now

In partnership with MACHiNENOiSY.The late teens and early 20s are often a time of uncertainty and self-identification. We struggle to figure out who we are, who we...

A Gossamer Bit: CONTACT Contemporary Music

In partnership with Redshift.Tickets $30/$15 concessionA Gossamer Bit celebrates the longstanding association between the Toronto based ensemble Contact and lesbian composer Allison Cameron....

Queer Noise

ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.Queer Noise is a program of Canadian media art which combines presentation and dialogue to explore political intention in contemporary queer work. The evening...

Dragging Piaf

In partnership with BC Living Arts.Tenor Frédérik Robert performs as iconic French singer Edith Piaf, accompanied by a silent film directed by Alan Corbishley. Desperate to be loved and understood, Vancouver drag queen Ed becomes obsessed with the tragic life...

Glitter is Forever: Closing Party

Presented by SAD Mag.ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.SAD Mag presents the Queer Arts Festival’s final blowout—revel in community, effervescent refreshments, karaoke and DRAG! Glue on your glitter beards and get down to the Waldorf...


Queewritica: Erotic writing on libido's continuum. No matter the genre, no matter your level of experience on or off the page, if you're writing about sex, we want you to come. Be your boner micro or macro or no bone at all, Queewritica can take it. From dried...

Lyle Chan’s String Quartet: An AIDS Activist’s Memoir

ASL interpretation has been booked for this even.Please arrive early, as the event will begin promptly at 7:00pm with no intermission.This new work by acclaimed Australian composer Lyle Chan,...

Art Song Lab

in partnership with Art Song Lab and the Canadian Music Centre, Vancouver International Song Institute, CMC BC Creative Hub, The RoundhouseA queer edition of the week-long program exploring the collaborative fusion of poetry and music.Hear the songs premiered at...

Art Party! Gala Opening Reception

ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.Join us for the Queer Arts Festival’s Art Party!, one of Vancouver’s hottest pride season events. This spectacular gala event features, ravishing refreshments, amazing artwork and queer conviviality.Art Party! celebrates the opening night...

Pride In Art Visual Art Show

From the roots of the queer arts Festival, this open visual art show exhibits artists from our communities and honours our founder Robbie Hong.Artists: Katherine AtkinsKate BraunJackson PhotographixJeff GibsonKelly HaydonDonal HebnerTrish HolowcznekDzee LouiseNoemi MolitorNisha PlatzerRosamond NorburySD Holman Plus! an Excerpt from Photovoice: THE TRANS, TWO-SPIRIT & GENDER NONCONFORMING COMMUNITY...

Youth Curator Tour

In partnership with Directions Youth Services and Broadway Youth Resource Centre.Jonathan D. Katz, curator of QAF's visual art exhibition Drama Queer: Seducing social change, leads a tour of the exhibition for street-involved queer youth.


ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.A soirée of erotic literary readings to tantalize and titillate. This year's edition of Queerotica is curated by Dagger Editions, Caitlin Press’s new imprint dedicated to writing by queer...


Salon with artists and Daily Xtra’s Robin Perelle. Bring your open minds and hearts to reflect on the curated exhibition. After years of swinging in and out of fashion, the art world's appreciation of art for social change may once again be on upswing....

The Pink Line

Produced by the frank theatre company.ASL interpretation has been booked for this event.What’s it like being a person of colour and being queer...

The Launch of Dagger Editions

Dagger Editions, an imprint of Caitlin Press, publishes literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry by and about queer women (those who identify as queer women, including trans women, or include this in their personal history).We celebrate the...

Drama Queer: seducing social change, curated visual art exhibition

Visual art exhibition curated by Jonathan D. Katz and Conor Moynihan.At the centre of this year’s festival is Drama Queer: seducing social change, a visual art exhibition curated by Jonathan D. Katz. This exhibition explores the role of emotion in contemporary queer art as...


Image Gallery

2015 : Trigger – Drawing the Line in 2015

Curated by: SD Holman

July 23 – August 7, 2015

QAF celebrates the 25th anniversary of a landmark work of queer heritage with this year’s theme Trigger: Drawing the Line in 2015.

We draw our lines today very differently than in 1990. As “trigger warnings” placed before art to alert viewers about potentially traumatizing material become increasingly common, QAF 2015 questions what we are sacrificing for safety’s sake. As Jeannette Winterson wrote: “Art has deep and difficult eyes and for many the gaze is too insistent… We avoid painful encounters with art by trivializing it, or by familiarizing it… Every day, in countless ways, you and I convince ourselves about ourselves. True art, when it happens to us, challenges the “I” that we are… Art objects. The nouns become an active force not a collector’s item. Art objects.”

2015 Events

Lifedrawing with HIM

Life Drawing with HIM is an informal, drop-in drawing and sketching social group for men.For one night only, Life Drawing with HIM is collaborating with the Queer Arts Festival to bring this popular...

TRIGGER: Drawing the Line in 2015 Curator Tour

Queer Arts Festival: Curator tour and SalonJoin festival Artistic Director and Curator of this year's exhibition SD Holman for an informal tour of this year’s Drawing the Line exhibition, followed by a salon co-hosted by Daily Xtra managing editor Robin Perelle, who will ask...


QAF's Pre-festival Fluffer! Back for their second incendiary season, Cor Flammae presents FALLEN ANGELS: sacred + profane choral works by historical and modern queer composers.The rich religious traditions of choral music mean a participant...

Genderfest Introvert Chill Mingler

An introvert's way to kick off the rowdy weekend.This event is scent-reduced, and fully wheelchair accessible. For more information on how to support a scent-reduced event, please visit PeggyMunson.comFor a full accessibility audit of the space,...

I am ME

Wed Jul 29 & Aug 5 | 6pmExplore your identity through movement in this Dance Out Loud workshop with Kinesis Dance somatheatro.This workshop is for...


Co-presented with Kinesis Dance somatheatro and MACHiNENOiSYQueer...

Tough Language, Tender Wisdoms: Crafting the Personal Essay

Workshop (2 days):Saturday and Sunday, July 25 and 2610:30 am to 1:30 pmA Writing Workshop for transgressive voices led by author Amber Dawn, Tough Language, Tender Wisdoms invites participants to write under-told and boundary-pushing stories from their personal experience,...

QSONG Performance

Co-presented with Access to Music FoundationPrepare to be dazzled by the extraordinary talent of young queer and allied singer/songwriters from our fabulous QSONG workshop. With mentors Sarah...

TRIGGER: Drawing the Line in 2015

Gallery hours:12PM - 9PM weekdays;11AM - 4PM weekendsQAF's curated exhibition honours the 25th anniversary of Kiss & Tell's legendary exhibition, Drawing the Line. 19 participating artists challenge, provoke and push boundaries. What sets you off?Curated by SD HolmanArtists -

Salon des Refusés

Co-presented with Little Sister's Book & Art EmporiumLittle Sister's exhibits explicit art by artists in our queer communities.Artists:Alex WinterJane Eaton Hamiltonjackson photografixRebecca BlankertrobinRon KearseSD HolmanShakti SamaComing with a friend or 3? Get a

Pride in Art community Show

An open visual art exhibition celebrating queer artists from our communities.Gallery hours: 12pm - 9pam weekdays;11am - 4pm weekendsKnown as the Pride in Art Community Show, it is a Queer Arts Festival tradition. This longstanding event showcases the talents...


Community Partner Little Sister's Book & Art EmporiumLiterary readings to tantalize and titillate - aka Catherine and Jim's dirty porn night. Curated by Ray Hsu. Queerotica started in '99, when SD (Shaira) Holman approached Janine Fuller at Little Sister's Bookstore saying - hey you...

Kiss & Tell

Co-presented with Kickstart Disability Arts & CultureNotorious Vancouver collective Kiss & Tell’s first public appearance together in 13 years. Videos by Lorna Boschman, with talkback moderated by Janine Fuller of Little Sister’s book...

TRIGGER WARNING: a video curation by Coral short

An evening of fearless queer video art curated by international curator Coral Short. Followed by an open dialogue with artists and curator.Buy TicketsComing with a friend or 3? Get a QAF Flex-Pass. Go to 4 shows, take a friend...


Co-presented with the Powell Street FestivalEleven composers share their inner reflections on outer space in Cosmophony, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa’s solo piano project inspired by the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

Sister Mary’s A Dyke?! (ASL / PWYC)

Co-Produced with the frank theatre Sister Mary’s a Dyke?! is a new play by Toronto-based playwright Flerida Peña. It follows Abby, a Catholic school girl who discovers that not...

A Queen’s Music: Reginald Mobley in Recital

A collaboration with Early Music VancouverReginald Mobley, countertenorAlexander Weimann, harpsichord and pianoAs was with people of colour, the contribution of gay...


Meet Singer/Songwriter, SARAH WHEELER, QSONG Head Mentor and sign up for Access to Music Foundation's Queer Songwriters of a New Generation a FREE 9-week songwriting workshop for queer, trans* and allied youth in the Lower Mainland.


Image Gallery

2014 : ReGenerations

Visual Art Curator: Laiwan

July 23 – August 9, 2014

QAF’s 2014 theme, Regenerations, is a defiant reframing of the Nazi term “Degenerate Art”, the moniker under which they banned work by the avant-garde, Jews, Communists and queers.

Tyrants throughout history have censored artists on the grounds that their work posed an imminent danger to society. QAF embraces the premise of art as dangerous, even revolutionary. For it is in the intimate act of sharing as artists and audiences we find meaning and transformation. And from that place of vulnerable connection, we find the strength and inspiration to change the world.

2014 Events

GenderFest Screenprinting Workshop

Learn to silk screen! Bring your own t-shirt, bag, fabric, etc to silk screen on. Children welcome!3:30pm-8:30pm$2-20 sliding scale per familyRoundhouse Community Centre181 Roundhouse Mews*satellite event in the West End (Yaletown)Submit a design by July 15th and have your design made into a silk...

QAF 2014: ReGenerations

QAF’s 2014 theme, ReGenerations, is a defiant reframing of the Nazi term “Degenerate Art,” the banner under which they banned artists who were avant-garde, Jewish, or queer, saying their work posed an imminent danger to society. QAF 2014 embraces the premise that art can be dangerous, even revolutionary. In the intimate act of...

Queering the International

Photo credit: ZANELE MUHOLI, South AfricaKatlego Mashiloane and Nosipho Lavuta, Ext. 2, Lakeside, Johannesburg 2007©Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg.Gallery hours 10:30am - 10pm weekdays; 10:30am - 4:30pm weekendsQAF’s signature visual arts exhibition is curated this year by esteemed...

Pride in Art Community Visual Art Show

Image credit: Christina Cooke, Butch 2014  - 5 Wed Jul 23 - Sat Aug 9 | Gallery hours 10:30am - 10pm weekdays; 10:30am - 4:30pm weekendsThe Pride in Art Community Show is a Queer Arts Festival tradition. This longstanding event...

Seeking Protection is Not A Crime

Painted Stories from Self Identified LGBTQ2SI Migrants & Refugees.Co-produced with the Rainbow Refugee Committee and PeerNetBC. An intimate participatory painting workshop creating and claiming  space for queer refugees and migrants, sharing stories and building community through visual arts, facilitated by Mira Ghattas (Jordan)...

Cor Flammae

Photo credit: belle ancelle photographyCor Flammae [kor 'flam.maj] flaming heartIgnite your evening with the ravishing, soaring voices of Cor Flammae, Canada’s...

Colin Tilney Celebrates LXXX

Presented in partnership with the Vancouver Early Music FestivalA giant among the first generation of musicians who brought the idea of historically informed performance to the...


With community partner Genderfest (July 26)Ever seen a drunk puppet?Sex. Booze. Facebook. Carbs, Fess Up: what’s your guilty pleasure? Stunning stop motion animation, whimsical puppets,...

Self-Producing and Touring 101 with Sunny Drake

So you wanna tour the world with your art or performance?Step-by-step considerations for self-producing and touring independent performance, including being presented by venues, festivals or community groups, hiring venues and/or...

Clean Sheets

Co-presented with frank theatreEverything is better in bed.Curated by frank theatre, Clean Sheets was created in 2008 by Seán Cummings and Chris Gatchalian as a new national queer playwriting workshop, and premiered at the 2009...

Alien Sex

NEW START TIME 7:30PMWith event partner Genderfest ASL Interpretation provided by BCRADTentacles wrestle the sexual status quo; secret identity exposes itself; and the Empire is challenged by authentic expression in...

I Sing The Body Electric: Walt Whitman and The Beat Generation

Co-presented with the Erato EnsembleJust in time for Pride weekend, Erato Ensemble’s I Sing the Body Electric celebrates the Queer spirit of Walt Whitman and the Beat Generation,...

Big Gay Sing!

Co-presented with the Vancouver Men's ChorusThe perfect post-parade pairing -- round out your Pride Sunday with a Queer Arts Festival's mainstay, Big Gay Sing!, a festive,...

Kickstart REVERB

Co-presented with the Kickstart Society for Disability Culture and REVERB: a queer reading seriesThe dog days in August bring languid evenings, raw mornings, hot afternoons. This year, as part of the Queer Arts Festival, they...

Tough Language, Tender Wisdoms: Amber Dawn Writing Workshop

3rd of 3 sessions: July 26, 27 and August 2, 1 - 3pmA Memoir Writing Workshop for trangressive voices led by author Amber Dawn, Tough Language, Tender Wisdoms invites participants...


Co-presented with the Vancouver Pride SocietyJoin the Bobbers' all-queer improv comedy troupe for a special edition of QueerProv! The well-loved weekly improv show at Heaven's Door moves on up to the Roundhouse for Pride. Featuring local performers in a...

Épopée: L’État du monde, film screening

Co-presented with the grunt gallery and DazibaoCo-presented with the grunt galleryInitiated by the filmmaker Rodrigue Jean, Épopée is a...

Deaf-Queer Dialogue 101

Join the BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (BCRAD) and the Queer Arts Festival as we embark on a collaboration to explore the dynamics of Deaf-Queer identities! Our facilitator and four panelists from various backgrounds of Deafness explore the intersections of Deaf and queer culture, deliver heavy-hitting personal...

Loud & Queer! Music, Art Auction & More

Celebrate the closing of another thrilling festival season with Loud and Queer!Our final fiesta, join us for a delectable evening of choice edibles, effervescent refreshments, spellbinding performances, and two silent auctions featuring the latest treats, swag bags and accoutrements from local queer artists and...


Image Gallery

2013 : TransgressionNow

Visual Art Curators: Glenn Alteen and Paul Wong

July 24 – August 9, 2013

Since the days of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, queers have prided themselves on the notion of being at odds with straight culture. Indeed the whole Gay Pride movement is predicated on the right to be different than society at large.

TransgressionNow looks at where Queer artists still transgress social, gender, and political boundaries and what that looks like now.


Image Gallery

2012 : Random Acts of Queerness

Visual Art Curators: Persimmon Blackbridge, Jeffery Austin Gibson & SD Holman

July 31 – August 18, 2012

The 2012 Queer Arts Festival brings you “Random Acts of Queerness”, to commemorate the centenary of the experimental multidisciplinary queer artist John Cage. A pioneer of experimental music, Cage is best known for championing Indeterminacy: a philosophy that opens up artistic practice to include the random as a way of radically breaking with tradition, convention and habit.


2011 : Games People Play

Visual Art Curators: Persimmon Blackbridge, Jeffery Austin Gibson & SD Holman.

July 26 – August 13, 2011

Queer cultures often emphasize elements of game-play: from camp to butch/femme to strictures of “straight looking/straight acting”, we play around with identity and its shadows of artifice, passing and trespassing. The curators are encouraging artists to queer the idea of games and play: board games, bored games, war games, mind games, drinking games, parlor games, gender games, games theory, game shows, word play, gun play, foreplay, BDSM play, playing the fool, playing by ear, playing along, playing around, playing for the team, playback, playmates, team sports, blood sport, water sports… With this exuberance of possibilities we will build a show of divergent investigations; a game for viewers to trace commonalities and conflicts along the through-line of gaming.


2010 : Queertopia

The Best Place on Earth?

Imagine the ultimate Queer community… Would it be a place where being Queer was the norm, and heterosexuals were the minority? Or a place where attitudes towards difference didn’t exist? Where government monikers proclaim “the best place on earth” — a recent slogan from a Government of BC tourism ad — that would illustrate how magnificently Queer the province is? Would Queertopia be the same? Or even better?

There is no program available to view for this year.


2009 : Faerie Tales

Visual Art Curators: Valerie Arntzen, Glen Alteen, and Marin Borden

July 28 – August 14, 2009

With our 2009 theme Faerie Tales, the Pride in Art Festival invited Queer artists to explore the myths and legends that have shaped us, and our community.

Light or dark, strange or powerful, these whimsical and sometimes political fables can have far-reaching effects upon our collective psyche. PiAF challenged artists to look back — into our childhoods, into our histories, into the mists of time — and explore the symbols and archetypes that have helped us to build Queer identities. The juried Visual Art Exhibition features works in many different artistic disciplines, and pairs established and emerging artists from across BC and Canada.

There is no program available to view for this year.


2008 : Gender Twist

The first juried visual art show

July 24- August 10, 2008

Exhibiting the work of 24 artists including Mary Taylor, Margaret Matsuyama and Piere Gour

The festival performance line-up included PIAF Cabaret, a night of transgressive music and dance; QUEEROTICA, readings of censored literature; Still Breathing Fire, Anna Camilleri’s ground-breaking one woman show; Wilde @ Art, a tribute to Oscar Wilde; Gilding the Lily, 50th birthday retrospective of composer Rodney Sharman; and JODAIKO, the incendiary all woman taiko ensemble. These shows included world premieres of works by Anna Camilleri, Jeffrey Ryan, and Rodney Sharman. Performers included Bill Richardson, Denis Simpson, Amber Dawn, Cris Derksen, Shaira Holman, Karen Lee-Morlang, Tiresias and many others. The festival included for the first time two workshops by featured artists: writer Anna Camilleri and Taiko Drummer Tiffany Tamaribuchi.

There is no program available to view for this year.