Annual General Party Meeting (AGM)

Come to a party at our Annual General Meeting. We’ll be providing updates on new developments at Pride in Art Society, electing the board, and giving a sneak peek into this year’s festival.

Generously sponsored by our friends at “Off the Rail Brewing” — Join us for some drinks and snacks, it’ll be fun, trust us!

Not only does the AGM provide us the opportunity to hang out with you in advance of this year’s festival, but AGM attendance is a key factor for some of our funders (so please show up!).

ASL Interpretation will be provided.

RSVP at with AGM in the subject line.

Can’t come, but still want to support? Here is how to attend by proxy:

If you can’t make the AGM, you can still attend—by proxy. Print up the text below, sign, snap a picture, and e-mail it back to, and you can be in two places at once (or at least appoint someone else to vote for you at the AGM, and increase our attendance numbers).

For your convenience, we’ve inserted the names of two QAF staff members, because we know they’ll be there. If you know someone else you’d like to appoint as your proxy, feel free to insert their name instead, but please ensure they will attend, or your proxy vote will be lost.PRIDE IN ART SOCIETY APPOINTMENT OF PROXYThe undersigned hereby appoints SD Holman , of Vancouver (failing him/her/their name Elliott Hearte Vancouver), as proxy for the undersigned to attend at and vote for and on behalf of the undersigned at the general meeting of the Society to be held on the 13th day of April, 2017.Signed this ________ day of April , 2017. _________________________________________ Name of Member _________________________________________ Signature of MemberE-mail to: