Smiley happy people at QAF. Belle Ancell Photography.

Smiley happy people at QAF. Belle Ancell Photography.

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There are many ways you can be a part of our fabulous QAF team.

  1. Artists: Submit work to QAF and become more famous than ever
  2. Donations: Give us the shirt off your back
  3. Memberships: Join QAF's parent organization, the Pride in Art Society, to become a card carrying queer
  4. Volunteer:  Meet new friends, show your pride, and be an integral part of making QAF happen
  5. Job Opportunities: Come work with us

Current News

Image: SD Holman


New start time for Alien Sex We met with the team on Sunday, and we’re excited to report that their creative juices have been flowing freely. […]

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By Robert Mangelsdorf – Published July 30, 2014 Original Article: HERE Throughout history, tyrants have banned “degenerate” artists or artworks under the argument that they posed […]
Sunny Drake photo by Tania Anderson (611) Big File

Vancity Buzz | QAF 2014 Presents “X”

By Jon Keller – Published July 28 2014 Original Article: HERE Australian performer Sunny Drake’s one-man show “X” closes out a trio of performances tonight as […]